Pursuing A Dream Corporation

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge or are just starting your career, the Maryland Career Fair (MCF) has the tools for you.

MCF will feature many employers who are looking for you to join them.


Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the big event:


Update Your Resume

  • Proofread your resume for typos.

  • Ask someone else to proofread your resume.

  • Bring several copies to pass out.

  • Use a portfolio or briefcase to organize resumes and documents.

Do Your Research

  • Know the companies that interest you.

  • The more you know about a company, the more you can converse with the company representative and the more memorable you will be.

Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

  • Be ready to greet each employer with a smile and an enthusiastic 30-second sales pitch.

  • Think about your strong points, your goals, and the company.


Dress Professionally

First impressions are very important.

Arriving at the Job Fair

  • Come early while employers are fresh.

  • Turn off your cell phone.

  • Do not carry any food or drinks.

  • Put all papers in your portfolio or briefcase.

Be Assertive & Take Initiative

  • Shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters when you reach the table.

  • Impart enthusiasm about the company and their job opportunities.

  • Network with other job seekers - you may hear about opportunities of which you are unaware.

  • Speak with companies you would not normally be interested in.

  • After Meeting interviewers, collect business cards and make quick notes while your memory is fresh. 


Follow Up

Send personalized Thank You notes to the employers you spoke with and reference something you disucssed.